Mike Garson

Sound + Vision   Gone Girl   Bowie Variations   Option Paralysis

Watchmen (Music from the HBO Series) Mike Garson / Trent Reznor 2019
Kind Heaven Perry Farrell 2019
He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother Mike Garson featuring Gaby Moreno 2017
Monk Fell On Me Mike Garson 2016
Gone Girl (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Mike Garson / Trent Reznor 2014
Sound + Vision David Bowie 2014
Believe in Me: The Essential Selection John Lucien 2014
Road to Depression All Ends 2013
Gridlock Mr Averell 2013
Wild Out West  Mike Garson 2012
Free Flight: Forever Free Flight 2012
The Music of George Gershwin Mike Garson & Jim Walker 2012
Look to the Sky James Iha 2012
Hours David Bowie 2012
La Liberación  CSS 2011
Hysterical Clap Your Hands Say Yeah 2011
The Bowie Variations For Piano Mike Garson 2011
Pied Piper Mike Garson & Jim Walker 2010
Jazz Kaleidoscope various 2010
Out of Our Minds Melissa Auf der Maur 2010
Option Paralysis Dillinger Escape Plan 2010
A Reality Tour David Bowie 2010

Mike Garson's Jazz Hat   Conversations With My Family   Marry Me   Reality
VH1 Storytellers David Bowie 2009
The Astronettes Sessions Ava Cherry 2009
Live '08 Aviv Geffen 2009
The Quiet Hype Jupiter Rising 2009
Mike Garson’s Jazz Hat Mike Garson 2008
Lost In Conversation Mike Garson 2008
The Locked Suitcase Sibyl Vane 2008
The Jewish Songbook various 2008
Conversations With My Family Mike Garson 2008
Gods & Monsters Juno Reactor 2008
Jim Walker Plays the Music of Mike Garson Mike Garson & Jim Walker 2007
Anxcity Mike Garson 2007
Hope In Forgotten Places Mike Garson 2007
Swim Emma Burgess 2007
Caravane / Une Nuit Au Châtelet Raphaël Haroche 2007
The Fragile Army The Polyphonic Spree 2007
Marry Me St. Vincent 2007
Ridiculous Norm MacDonald 2006
Résistance A La Nuit Raphaël Haroche 2006
Desert Lights Something for Kate 2006
Contemplation Mike Garson 2006
Part Of the Whole Mike Garson 2006
Life Begins Again Jimmy Chamberlin Complex 2005
'Hours...' David Bowie 2004
Reality David Bowie 2003
Homage to My Heroes Mike Garson 2003
La Réalité Raphaël Haroche 2003
A Free Flight Christmas Free Flight 2002
Heathen David Bowie 2002
Return of Saturn No Doubt  2000
Machina / The Machines of God Smashing Pumpkins 2000
Tranquility Mike Garson & Jim Walker 2000
Bowie at the Beeb David Bowie 2000

Return of Saturn   Machina / The Machines of God   The Fragile   Stigmata

The Fragile Nine Inch Nails 1999
Stigmata (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Billy Corgan 1999
Stan Getz Is Jazz - Live by the Sea Stan Getz 1999
The Great Horns various  1999
Sweet Control: The Best Of Jon Lucien John Lucien 1999
Twenty Nine Over Me                   C. Gibbs Group 1999
Human Being Seal 1998
The Flute Contemporary Virtuosos Yamaha Flute 1998
Now Music, Vol.4 Mike Garson 1998
Walker & Garson Play Gershwin Mike Garson & Jim Walker 1997
Earthling David Bowie 1997
Sax on Broadway   Jazz At The Movies Band 1997
Free Flight 2000 Free Flight 1996
People from Bad Homes Ava Cherry & Astronettes 1995
Outside David Bowie 1995
Stan Getz & Colleagues Stan Getz 1994
Live in Santa Monica '72 David Bowie 1994
A Gershwin Fantasia Mike Garson 1994
Love & Parting & Five Bardic Mysteries   Robin Williamson 1994
Reel Romance Jazz at the Movies Band 1994
Screen Themes '94 The Michael Garson Ensemble 1994
Screen Themes '93 The Michael Garson Ensemble 1993
Man & A Woman / Sax at the Movies Jazz at the Movies Band 1993
The Buddha of Suburbia David Bowie 1993
Black Tie White Noise David Bowie 1993
Oxnard Sessions, Vol.2 Mike Garson 1993
It's About Time: The Acoustic Project Brian Bromberg 1991
Admiration Mike Garson & Los Gatos 1991
Reference Jazz: First Sampling various 1990
Oxnard Sessions, Vol.1 Mike Garson 1990
The Mystery Man Mike Garson 1990

Now Music, Vol.4   Human Being   Outside   Black Tie White Noise

Stan Getz Live At Midem '80 Stan Getz  1989
Slice of Life Free Flight 1989
Remember Love Mike Garson 1989
Best of Free Flight Free Flight 1988
It's Magic                          Guy Pastor 1988
Illumination Free Flight 1986
Serendipity Mike Garson 1986
Reflections Mike Garson & Jim Walker 1985
Beyond the Clouds Free Flight 1984
Flight of the Dove Mike Garson & Jim Walker 1983
Ziggy Stardust - The Motion Picture David Bowie 1983
Great Jazz Gala ’80 Stan Getz 1982
Jazzical Mike Garson 1982
Avant Garson Mike Garson 1980

The Oxnard Sessions, Vol. 1   Slice of Life   Serendipity   Illuminations

I Wanna Play for You Stanley Clarke 1979
Modern Man Stanley Clarke 1978
Riviera Concert                      Paul Horn  1977
Young Americans David Bowie 1975
All The Fun of the Fair           David Essex  1975
Play Don't Worry Mick Ronson 1975
First Starring Role Bob Sargeant 1975
Slaughter On 10th Avenue Mick Ronson 1974
David Live David Bowie 1974
Diamond Dogs David Bowie 1974
Pin Ups David Bowie 1973
Aladdin Sane David Bowie 1973
Open Sky                                     Open Sky 1973
The Man Who Sold The World   Lulu  1973
I'm the One  Annette Peacock 1972
Bley / Peacock Synthesizer Show Annette Peacock 1971
Moment of Truth Brethren 1971

Young Americans   Diamond Dogs   Aladdin Sane   Pin Ups